How do I fill out the Learning Agreement correctly?

In the Learning Agreement (LA), the subjects you wish to attend at the foreign partner university are specified. You can only complete the LA once the courses have been published on the Internet at the respective partner university. Only then can you decide which courses you wish to attend. Some courses are limited in the number of participants. However, you can secure your participation in the course in advance through the Learning Agreement. 

The LA provides the partner university with a preliminary overview of the number of students who want to attend a particular course. It offers them a certain degree of security in being able to participate in the desired courses at the partner university. In this respect, it is always advisable to contact the foreign partner university at an early stage in order to meet any deadlines.

Furthermore, the LA is a prerequisite so that you can have these courses credited in Kiel after your return from abroad. The crediting of your chosen courses must be agreed with the responsible office before your stay abroad. An overview of the professorships responsible for the courses in Kiel and the documents required for a request for recognition can be found here.