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Internship in Germany

In Germany, it is common that companies and other institutions offer the opportunity to do an internship (germ. sing. Praktikum, pl. Praktika).

You have to distinguish between Praktika for pupils that are done within the last year of school and "Studienpraktika" which are offered to university students. Praktika for pupils are just for a few days, perhaps two weeks, whereas the more advanced ones for students take 2 to 6 months, whereas 3 months is more common.

During an internship you get an insight into the company and the processes that are taking place on a regular basis.

From a students point of view, the aim of a Praktikum is to explore the practical side of the field in which they have gained theoretical knowledge within the courses taught at their university. Furthermore, an internship is a good enhancement for their curriculum vitae and a certificate for engagement apart from university as well as a possible contact point for future applications.

The companies also benefit from offering internships to students by getting a picture of potential applicants.  

Interns usually work in different fields within the company. Depending on company size, as well as area and duration of the Praktikum, small tasks like data input or enquiries are possible, but bigger projects or processes in which interns play an important role are also possible.

Information on internship offers can be found at human resources departments directly in the Mensa 1 at the AStA-Office or the bill board in the entrance area.

In order to get a Praktikum at a renowned company, it is necessary to apply early, which means 4-6 months before the beginning of the Praktikum.

Usually you apply via a written application. Favorably, you should get in touch with a contact person beforehand and clarify the application processes. 

The application should comprise a letter of motivation, a curriculum vitae, a passport photograph, further certificates and a transcript of grades from your university.

Good luck for your application!