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Living in Kiel


The Studentenwerk also operates dining centers that offer subsidized lunch for students. The cost per dish ranges from about 1 to 4 euros and multiple dishes are offered daily.

The picture shows the dining center "Mensa 1 am Westring" which is a mere 2 minute walk from the economics department and most lecture halls. A bookstore, a travel agency, student union offices and the international office Basis of the Studentenwerk are located inside the building. Students also often hang out in the Dining Centers for group study or to relax between classes. Cafeterias offering fast food and beverages can also be found in the Dining Centers. Additionally, several privately owned coffee shops, restaurants and convenience stores can be found on or close to campus.


Student housing in Kiel is provided by the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein, a public instutition providing services to students. Housing options range from rooms in shared appartments to studio appartments and family housing options. Demand is high because rents are significantly lower than comparable free-market housing. 
The International Center reserves a number of rooms and appartments for exchange students every semester. You are able to apply for these directly at the International Center without having to go through the formal application process normally required by the Studentenwerk. Please follow this link to the International Center and you submit your application as soon as possible.
The application deadlines are June 15th for the winter semester and January 15th for the summer semester.
If you miss these deadlines or demand for student housing is too high privately operated student housing or free-market housing are good alternatives. There are couple of dormitories operated by various foundations in Kiel and a lot of students share privately rented appartments. The website linked above offers an excellent overview on these alternative housing choices.
If you are looking for a room we can also post an ad for you on university notice boards. Please contact us at and we will happily print and post an ad for you.


Kiel University is well-known for its extensive recreational sports programs. Germany's largest university gym can be found in Kiel and the sailing courses for students are proof of the maritime location. The main sports center of the university also contains an Olympic swimming pool and a climbing wall apart from multiple gymnasiums.
The complete sports program is here available. Detailed information on sailing opportunities are here available. These website are in German only but nevertheless worth a look.
The International Center provides sailing opportunities for international students from May to September. Further information can be found at the homepage . Sailing with the International Center is an excellent way to get on the water with fellow international students. A multitude of local sports clubs offer even more athletic opportunities. A search engine for all club sports in Kiel can be found at the homepage of the Sportverband Kiel.

Tutors and study buddies

You are not alone once in Kiel. Tutors and Study Buddies are available to help you feel welcome and home during your whole exchange. International Tutors ("Wohnheimtutoren") can be found in every major student housing facility. They are international degree students in Kiel and can help you with all questions, concerns and problems, especially regarding student housing. See the list of current Wohnheimtutoren here .
Apart from Wohnheimtutoren, there are also Study Buddies.
Study Buddies are German students who volunteer to help international students feel home in Kiel. Fill out the application form at the homepage of the Study Buddy Program and a Study Buddy with matching interests will be assigned to you. The Study Buddy system is run by the Studentenwerk's "BaSis" office for international students.
Your Study Buddy will help you to settle in Kiel. Furthermore, international students and their Study Buddies often meet for group activities and pub evenings so that having a Study Buddy is a great way to meet new people in Kiel, international students and locals alike. 
The Studentenwerk also offers an arrival service free of charge. More information and signup can be found  here .
The International Center also has tutors who help you during enrollment and the orientation program of the International Center at the beginning of the semester. They also assist you during the semester and the International Center and their tutors offer various activities and trips throughout the semester. See the International Center tutors and their current activity program at their homepage