Students in the bachelor's programme in economics should only apply from the 3rd semester onwards. For Bachelor students the 5th semester is recommended, for Master students the 3rd semester.

A detailed description of the application procedure can also be found in the ERASMUS Guideof the International Center.

Selection of the university

You can find an overview of all current partner universities under the menu item Partnerhochschulen. When making your selection, please note that some cooperations are exclusively for Bachelor or Master students. You should also consider the languages of instruction. It is recommended that you read the experience reports of the past years.


Application to the ERASMUS Office Economics

To apply for a place at a partner university, you must complete the application form by the end of the application period. You can find it here:  Application ERASMUS Economics.


Selection of applicants

The allocation of applicants to the partner universities is based on the preferences given. If there are more applicants than available study places, the average grade achieved so far is decisive in addition to other criteria. The allocation of places is carried out by the ERASMUS Office VWL via e-mail.


Acceptance of the study place

Acceptance of the place is made by e-mail to the ERASMUS Office Economics and by online registration on the  Website of the International Centers. As soon as you have been allocated a place, the online registration must be carried out on the International Center website and submitted to the ERASMUS Office VWL by e-mail sthe acceptance period.


Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement must be signed and scanned and sent by e-mail at the latest by the end of the set period. Only the upper part has to be filled in. In order to specify the courses to be taken, it is recommended to obtain detailed information beforehand on the website of the respective partner university. In advance, you should clarify by e-mail whether the respective courses are recognised by the responsible professorship.

If the Learning Agreement has been signed by all parties involved, you can upload it to the ERASMUS online portal. During your stay abroad you have the possibility to change your Learning Agreement again. To do so, please fill in the second part and upload it on the ERASMUS Online Portal within 4 weeks after your arrival abroad. 

You will receive the Learning Agreement form via the ERASMUS online portal.


Application to the host university

After being nominated at the host university by the CAU International Center, you still have to apply regularly to the host university assigned to you. For more detailed information, please refer to the homepage of your host university. Please observe the applicable deadlines!


Compulsory language test (OLS - Online Linguistic Support)

Before the start of the mobility period AND afterwards, you will have to take a compulsory online language test in the working language, which will serve to document your language level. The European Commission provides online language tests for the 24 languages.
Please note: Language certificates required by your partner university are not covered by this test. 
During your application process, the ERASMUS Office of the International Centre will automatically send you an e-mail with login and password information for the online language test, which will allow you to access the OLS platform.


Grant Agreement & payment of the 1st ERASMUS+ rate

From June / July (accordingly later you should be the successor) you will receive your grant agreement (GA), which also determines the amount of funding you will receive during your stay abroad. You must sign and return this to the International Center. If the International Center has both the signed Grant Agreement (GA) and the signed Learning Agreement (LA), you will receive the first part of your ERASMUS instalment.


Extension of your stay abroad

If you want to extend your stay abroad by a semester, you must apply for this in writing by e-mail to the International Center ( Your e-mail must include the extension period as well as the written consent of the partner university PLUS additionally the consent of Professor Raff (Deputy Professor Requate) as the responsible programme officer here in the VWL. Please attach confirmation e-mails from both institutions to your e-mail to the International Center.

The deadline for a possible extension ends on 1 December! Please note: The International Center will not be able to determine whether the extension can also be financed by the CAU until the end of February.



Confirmation of Attendance

The Confirmation of Attendance is required to determine your exact length of stay abroad.


However, this only includes the time directly related to their studies. This includes, for example, orientation days at the partner university, preparatory language courses at the partner university, examinations at the end of the lecture period at the partner university. Furthermore, if you arrive earlier (e.g. to find accommodation) or leave later than necessary, this is not part of the length of stay and is therefore not eligible for financial support!

Before you upload the document to the ERASMUS online portal after your departure (by 15 July at the latest), it must be signed by your host university. Important: The signature must not be made earlier than 1 week before departure! Documents signed too early will not be accepted!


EU questionnaire & experience report

At the end of your stay abroad, you will receive an EU questionnaire by e-mail, which you must complete. A progress report must be uploaded to the ERASMUS online portal of the International Center by April 30th at the latest. IMPORTANT: You must also send a progress report to the ERASMUS Office VWL, anonymised without your contact details. This deadline also applies to students who are spending a semester abroad in the summer semester. A template is available in the ERASMUS online portal.


Transcript of Records (ToR) / Recognition of academic achievement

At the end of your stay abroad the partner university will send you your Transcript of Records (ToR), which you have to upload in the ERASMUS online portal of the International Center. For course recognition, please use the  Online-Form des Prüfungsamtes. provided by the Examination Office. A description of the recognition procedure can be found here . Finally, upload the form to the ERASMUS Online Portal..


You can find an overview of the conversion of grades for services rendered abroad here:  Score Conversion.










Payment of the 2nd ERASMUS+ rate

As soon as the International Center has received the Confirmation of Attendance, the completed EU online questionnaire, your experience report, the 2nd OLS language test after mobility, the Learning Agreement (LA) (Part 3) and the Transcript of Records (ToR), the payment of the 2nd ERASMUS+ ratewill be made.








International Study Buddy Programme

If you would like to get in touch with international students in Kiel and help them deal with many of the questions that arise at the beginning of your studies, then join the Study Buddy Programme! You can find further information  here.