10 Reasons to go to Kiel


The first step has been taken; you are playing with the idea to study in Kiel. In order to show you that a long-term stay in this beautiful city by the sea is worthwhile, we have a list of 10 reasons for you to choose this small port city. 

1. Kiel, the sailing city

Water is our element! The city is located on the German Baltic Sea coast and therefore offers numerous activities by the sea. We are known for sailing and even more exciting than conquering the seas with a sailing boat is the party around it. The “Kieler Week” is known as the biggest sailing festival in the world and offers a variety of culinary and cultural events as well as concerts, parties and endless fun! 

Kiel the sailing city

2. Parties, bars and a lot of fun

Speaking of parties: It is not only the Kieler Week that is the time of the year to knock down the city. Also in any other week, there is something to celebrate in the numerous bars and clubs. In the famous "Bergstraße" you can enjoy yourself in great clubs full of other students. Those who like it a little quieter can settle down with their friends in the stylish and characteristic bars that are spread all over the students’ residential area of the city.


3. The city of sports

Although partying every day sounds attractive to many students, this lifestyle is not everyone's cup of tea. There is also a lot to experience here for the exchange students. The university itself offers a wide range of sporting activities. From football to tennis, swimming and gymnastics, almost everything is offered here. The city also has a large number of inexpensive fitness studios. 

city of sports

4. A smart city is a biking city

Sport does not necessarily mean that you have to register in a club at the university or in a fitness studio. Enthusiastic cyclists among you can rent the so-called "City Bikes" and get to know the great corners of the city on two wheels. It is no secret that Kiel is a bicycle city. Getting from A to B in a sporty way is common practice here. 

a smart city is a biking city

5. the lovely areas and streets of Kiel

Once you get on your bike to explore the city, it doesn't take long until you make your first stop. In the famous “Holtenauer Straße”, which is close to the university, there are a lot of fantastic cafes and restaurants that are just waiting to be visited by you. The friendly atmosphere of the street has an effect on everyone involved and will definitely make you happy.

lovely areas of Kiel

6. Cheap accommodation near the city center 

Even if you don't live very close to the university or directly in the Holtenauer Straße, it's not uncommon to find a nice apartment in a good location in Kiel. In contrast to other cities, the rents in our city are affordable. Due to the fact that the city is not so extensive, an apartment that is a little outside is still quite central, which is why many exchange students are very satisfied with their living situations.

cheap accommodation

7. The institute for the world economy

In addition to the great city, nightlife and sporting activities, there is also the university. After all, you are here to study, right? Along with the renowned reputation of Christian Albrechts University, there is also the famous Institute for the World Economy (IfW). The IfW in Kiel is a centre of global economic research and is one of the six leading German economic research institutes. The Central Library for Economics, which is located near the harbour and next to the IfW, is not only a great place to do homework and exam preparations directly at the water; it also offers just about everything you need for your business and economics studies in Kiel. 


8. Summers without beaches are not the same

If you want to take a little break from your student life, you won't have to go far to one of our beautiful beaches. Whether Schilksee, Falkenstein or Laboe: the beaches are less than an hour away by public transport and are the perfect refuge in summer. 


9. Public transport to get anywhere without stress

In contrast to many large cities, public transport is very manageable and offers good connections between the individual hotspots in Kiel. It is definitely worth buying a cheap monthly ticket and then taking the bus to explore the surrounding area.  

public transport

10. Experience Europe without really leaving Kiel

Another great aspect for Kiel is its proximity to the Scandinavian countries. If you want to start a little trip from Kiel to get to know other facets of the north of Europe, this is the right place for you. Denmark is about 3 hours away by car and is great for weekend trips with friends. If you want to go a little further away, you can look forward to a mini cruise with Colorline or Stenaline. The luxurious ships bring you to Sweden or Norway for little money. If you feel far too comfortable in the north of Germany to travel for a short time, then you can also make yourself comfortable on the train for just an hour and travel to Hamburg. The famous hanseatic city is right next door and is perfect for day trips. It is definitely worth stopping by for a visit.






Here you can find the best places in Kiel on a map